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Himalayan Salt Bath Crystals, Spa Products, Personal Care & Bulk Salt

Long before salt lamps became popular, the health benefits of Himalayan Salt were recognized by people all over the world.  Today, you can enjoy those same benefits yourself with our exclusive Sunshine Natural Spa Product line.  You will love the way these products make you feel!

Pure Himalayan Natural Crystal Bath Salts

Himalayan Crystal Salt contains the 84+ minerals and trace elements essential to the body’s health and well being.  The minerals are in an ionic form allowing the body full use of these minerals.  We have Fine Grind, Medium Coarse (1-2 mm), Coarse (3-5 mm), Extra Coarse (6-8 mm) and Super Coarse (9-15 mm).  Looking for a special blend or to package your own bath salts?  Give us a call at 920-639-7645 and we will help you!


Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Purifying Bars & Deodorant Bars

Use our pure Himalayan Salt Purifying Bars to cleanse, exfoliate, mineralize and refresh your skin.  Give yourself a spa treatment in your shower, use dry on skin to gently massage away your aches/pains or use as a deodorant stone!  You’ll love how these bars make your skin feel!


Egg ~ Small, Medium, Large

Energy Crystal Spheres ~ Mini, Small, Large

Heart ~ Small, Large





Himalayan Salt Massage Rollers, Foot Detox Tiles & Foot Therapy Dome (lamp)

Feel the energy of these 250 million year old mineral salts as you enjoy a gentle massage with our Salt Massage Stones.  Stones may be heated and used for hot stone massage therapy.  Here’s a great idea…heat these stones on our Himalayan Salt Cube Lamp or in our Riverstone Abundance Bowl!  Use the stones dry or with massage oil.  You may also use these stones like our purifying bars to exfoliate the skin in the shower.  Just rub stone onto a wet wash cloth and gently rub your skin with the cloth.


Himalayan Salt Massage Roller

    * Small (5”, 3-4 lbs)

    * Large (7”, 5-7 lbs)

The Himalayan Salt Massage Rollers are the perfect addition to our spa line. You may gently use the massage roller along the spine to relieve stress, energize the pressure points and allow the healing properties of the mineral rich salt to work. 


Himalayan Salt Foot Detox Tiles

Beautifully designed Pure Himalayan Salt Foot Detox Tiles may be used hot or cold and come complete with care and use instructions.  The set contains 2 contoured foot tiles for the left and right feet along with towels to place under the tiles.


Himalayan Salt Foot Massage Therapy Dome

The Himalayan salt in our Foot Massage Therapy Dome absorbs into and extracts toxins from the body, supports blood circulation, reduces swelling and makes you feel great!  It is very soothing to warm your feet or hands on cool days.  Since salt is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, cleaning it between uses is easy.  When you're not using it for warming & detoxing, it also doubles as a beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamp!  This lamp is comprised of a beautifully crafted rosewood base that houses an 8 inch slab of pure Himalayan Salt in the shape of a dome.  The salt is heated with a 15 watt bulb and comes with a UL listed dimmer cord allowing you to easily adjust the amount of heat that is produced.  I have one under my desk ~ I love it!


Personal Care Items...

Himalayan Salt Inhaler, Neti Pot, Salt Pillow & Lemongrass Soap/Scrub


Himalayan Salt Inhaler ~ Long ago it was discovered that the men who worked in the salt mines didn’t have asthma or respiratory ailments.  This lead to the discovery of some of the curative effects of the Himalayan salt and what is known as Speliotherapy.  Whether you live by the sea or not, you may experience some of the same benefits for yourself simply by using our genuine Himalayan Salt Inhaler!  An easy to use, mini salt cave in your hands!   Simply breathe in the salt from the inhaler for about 20 minutes throughout the day.  Smokers have found that they cough less and less severe in a short time by using this inhaler!  Excellent relief for asthma, bronchitis, sinus and most respiratory issues!  In the chemical world we live in, everyone should have one of these inhalers!


Himalayan Salt Neti Pot~ Sinus help is here!  The salt solution moisturizes the mucosa and supports its natural regeneration, making it more difficult for bacteria, yeast and viruses to nest.  Ideal for preventing runny or congested noses as well as sinus infections.  Each Neti Pot comes complete with 20 packs of pure Himalayan salt.


Himalayan Salt Therapeutic Pillow ~ Our Himalayan Salt Pillow is perfect for headaches and muscle/joint aches & pains!  Just heat or freeze for quick relief.  Pillow is 7” square and weighs 3 lbs.


New to our exclusive Himalayan Salt Product Line...

Lemongrass Soap & Lemongrass Scrub!

Lemongrass has a delightfully light smell, is refreshing and will enliven your senses!  These make great gifts!

Your skin will feel refreshed & renewed with our 100% Organic Lemongrass Soap, 6oz bar

Rejuvenate and exfoliate your skin with our Lemongrass Scrub, 9oz unbreakable jar


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