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About Us


Shari Uhazie, CH, CNHC, "The Himalayan Salt Lady"

Shari Uhazie, CH, CNHC, "The Himalayan Salt Lady"

Shari Uhazie, CH, CNHC, "The Himalayan Salt Lady"

We have been helping people with their natural health choices since 1986!  Why?  Because of our knowledge and personality!  Call us to see for yourself why people love working with us!


Personal Service

Shari Uhazie, CH, CNHC, "The Himalayan Salt Lady"

Shari Uhazie, CH, CNHC, "The Himalayan Salt Lady"

Personal Customer Service, Personal Health Analysis, Fundraising Options Available


Wholesale Accounts

Shari Uhazie, CH, CNHC, "The Himalayan Salt Lady"

Wholesale Accounts

We are experts at helping stores purchase, display & sell Himalayan Salt Products!  Their popularity is increasing...you may as well carry the best Himalayan Salt Products!

Himalayan Salt News

 Our Himalayan Salt Products are in a variety of Stores, Spas, Grocery Stores & Meat Markets!  

For a location near you...give us a call ~ 920-639-7645 or use the Contact form to send us an email!

Have a Store or Spa & want to carry Authentic Himalayan Salt Products?  Call us @ 920-639-7645.  We are experts at helping to pick the right products for your clientele, how to display them and how to sell them!  It's an excellent product to carry...you & your customers will be very happy!

Want to build a salt cave?  Give us a call!

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Tips and Resources


Health Tips

We offer the A B C + D approach:

A ~ Activate digestion, support emotions

B ~ Build with trace minerals

C ~ Cleanse a specific organ and/or whole body

D ~ Direct Aide to affected area

Basic Help:

Drink water first thing in the morning to re-hydrate colon

Drink water with lemon (& grade B maple syrup) for digestive help

Drink water with Himalayan Salt Sole Solution to help re-mineralize the body

Eating Habits ~ chew food completely, rotate foods, it would be helpful to eat meat early in the day

Diet ~ you may want to consider eating according to your blood type

There's so much to share!  Contact us for more information!

May We Suggest...

Therapies we like to help regain & retain health:


Flower Essence Therapy

Massage Therapy

Jin Shin Jyutsu


ERST (Emotional Release Sound Therapy)


Make sure you seek out a qualified practitioner in your area.  For Green Bay...call us for our favorite practitioners

Inspirational & Uplifting

Gratitude Attitude & Positive Thinking are key to living a healthy life!  But we know that it's easier said than done!

Books that may be helpful are:

The Heart's Key to Health, Happiness & Success ~ learn about yourself, why you do/think/say the things you do & then learn how to change those destructive habits!  We think this information is beneficial for all!  You may want to partner this book with the mini booklet "Healing With Flowers".  Steven Horne from Tree of Light has written many helpful natural health books.  http://treelite.com/

The Secret ~ I thought this was a great book.  I do recommend being cautious with the information given...I dare to say that most people cannot "will themselves to have that new pink Cadillac"...if you get my meaning.  The book above "The Heart's Key" carries the emotional aspects of our nature & thought process to a more personal level.  But I really enjoyed some of the concepts in this book.

There are more...these are the few that we want to recommend at this time.  Check back for more ideas!


Visit us at the Crivitz Farmer's Market this season ~ Thursday mornings.

Dates we are currently scheduled for:

June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

July 6, 13, 20

August 3, 17

More news to come!


Our health tips come from qualified Herbalists, Chiropractors, Medical professionals along with what we learn from Nature's Sunshine & Sisel International.

We have LOTS of articles and information to share!  Just contact us with your needs.

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